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Where East & West Healing Modalities Meet For Your Holistic Health

“Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside of you as a result of what happened to you.” Gabor Mate

If you have ever wondered if you can heal from your pain and suffering…

the answer is Yes!!!!!!!

If you’re ready to release

🦋 Chronic challenges such as illness, pain, or disease.

🦋 Unhealthy relationship patterns.

🦋 Complex traumas that began in childhood related to physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, or mental.

🦋 Weight and/or eating addictions and disorders.

🦋 Anxiety, depression, panic, fear, phobias.

🦋 Repeating patterns, limiting beliefs, low self confidence.

🦋 Perfectionism. 

🦋 Pleasing people.

🦋 Blocks to self-love

🦋 Not feeling worthy or good enough.

Are you ready to transform your life from continued suffering brought up by trauma and into inner peace?

Learn to live a life of inner peace, connecting to your intuition, and experiencing joy as you face your suppressed feelings within a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Within my practice I use complementary healing modalities that are Eastern, which date back hundreds of years and Western evidence-based practices that are customized for your specific needs. Within our work together you’ll learn new skills, wisdom, and knowledge that you can implement within and between our sessions so you can connect to a deeper level of yourself and transform trauma into inner peace.

You’ll shift from the physical and emotional stress you’re constantly being triggered as your body moves in and out of the stress response causing you to feel drained and overwhelmed to feeling energized and motivated to live your best life.

True transformational healing occurs holistically through a balance of physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual aspects with someone to guide you along the journey. There’s not a one size fits all healing technique, therefore having a variety of self regulation tools to support you along your healing journey offers you resilience.

Are you ready to transform your life naturally and holistically?

 The services and tools offered through Mariposas Holistic will provide you the resiliency you need to bounce back from any struggle you experience along the way and frees your body of stuck energy. When your energy is balanced, you’ll be able to move easier through your life and create a life filled with health and happiness for yourself as you raise your energetic vibration.

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