When heart is not in and focus is out the door

Losing focus happens to everyone yet it takes determination and dedication to ensure it doesn't negatively affect your day to day. Here are some tips you can apply today which will help you stay focused and more present.

Balance your Chakras Tip of the Day: When frustrated, release

How to release frustration easily and effectively. Frustration is energy and the more you focus on it, the more it expands. Finding ways to release frustration quickly helps you to feel better and balanced.

How to deal with overwhelm

Often we may experience overwhelm at any point in our lives. By taking time to be more present we can avoid burnout or chronic stress.

Universe always provides!

Regardless of your faith or belief, if you believe in a higher power or energy source then you know that you are supported in all you do. Manifestation occurs when we ask, believe, and know that we will receive what we have asked in the perfect time.

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