Chakras, the 7 Systems
Descriptions and benefits

The chakras, sanskrit word for turning wheel, covers the 7 main areas of the body are strong vortexes of energy running along the center of our bodies. As a Food & Spirit Practitioner, I use the 7 Systems of Health to identify the various imbalances my clients struggle with and choose various techniques that will assist in balancing the chakras.  Each chakra has it's own unique vibration that coordinates with a specific color, psychological characteristics, physical characteristics, emotions, and life force. By balancing the chakras through food, activities, thoughts, and relationships you're able to maintain a healthy and happy life. It's impossible to live life without experiencing when moments of crisis or trauma occur, however, with a balanced chakra system you would be able to handle the situations in a more calm and authentic manner. When a chakra is out of balance, energy cannot flow freely and our emotional body might respond by overwhelming us with a particular emotion or behavior, or our physical body may become sick. Through the use of energy healing, traditional techniques, diet, and lifestyle changes a body can return to alignment.

Benefits of Balancing each of your chakras

Root chakra (first)

  • Able To Trust And Feel Connected
  • Reduction of overwhelm, anxiety, fear and doubt, guilt
  • Feel Grounded, relaxed, calm, centered, safe and content

Sacral (second)

  • Experience More Pleasure And Sensual Fulfillment
  • Relationships Improve With co-workers and loved ones
  • Increased energy and creativity

Solar Plexus (third)

  • Empowered and motivated
  • Increase Ability To Make Decisions And Take Action (3rd chakra)

Heart (fourth)

  • Feel compassionate, forgiveness and giving towards self and others
  • Increased self-care

Throat (fifth)

  • Encourages and supports positive personal change
  • Feel more confidence speaking and sharing your authentic self

Third Eye (6th chakra)

  • Calm and centered
  • Think More Clearer and to focus better
  • Get In Touch With Inner Guidance And Intuition

Spirit (seventh)

  • Feel Connected To Higher Consciousness Or Spirit
  • Enjoy and be grateful for life


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