This is my story...

Mariposas, means butterflies in Spanish, and incorporates my bi-cultural lifestyle of Cuban-American. Mariposas symbolize for me transformation and freedom to live with purpose, happiness, and health. A lifestyle I have not experienced within my Cuban family but one I have discovered while traveling the world seeking adventure and finding out who I really was and wanted to be. Throughout this journey I have attained skills, wisdom, and knowledge from various sources within ancient and western health practices which I now incorporate into Mariposas and every place I travel.

For many years I have considered mariposas as symbols of transformation, changing from one being, a caterpillar into another, a mariposa. They also represent freedom through flight and bringing joy to whoever see and appreciate them. I have come to embrace transformation as a lifelong journey as I continue to consciously understand and release my feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, or other feelings of low vibrations that have kept me isolated from others. I continue to maintain my balance creating my reality and living my life with passion.

Tragedy psuhed my family and I over when we discovered my sister had cancer in 2010. Obviously it shocked every member of my family to the core and she underwent numerous tests and learned about her options. We all thought it was a death sentence and when she opted for natural healing my parents and brother became very worried. Yoli, my sister, and I were very close so I knew she was aware of her choice and therefore decided to focus on supporting her and learning about her journey with cancer. I began to experience integrative health and complementary techniques such as sound healing and raw food. Most importantly her focus was to understand the reason she had cancer, which originated in her lungs, throat chakra. Her journey influenced my professional and personal path such as learning Reiki. Sadly, she passed away in 2010 with myself and my family surrounding her, blessing her towards heaven. Within a year my mother was diagnosed with cancer, same area as my sister but different name. She opted for complementary medicine; cancer and natural healing, however, she also passed away   4 years after Yoli. Their deaths have taught me to really embrace my life and understand more about healing my body naturally. Also, due to my faith in purpose that I continue to move forward with them in my heart. My grief has inspired me to practice and learning natural ways to release chronic and terminal diseases.

I began Mariposas Holistic Healing (MHH) in 2013 shortly after losing my employment while I was living in Nicaragua after relocating there after graduation with high hopes of empowering communities. Nicaragua grew to having a special place in my heart after completing my public health internship there while in graduate school. However, I was too proud to return home after my employment vanished. My first client came to me out of desperation as she had heard about my ability to ease people’s pain and discomfort. She mentioned feeling a horrible pain below her belly button and the medical community was unable to help her. After a few Reiki and counseling sessions we were able to discover the source of the pain, an emotional attachment from childhood which continued into adulthood. We then identified ways to release it holistically and to this day the pain has not returned and she’s much happier and healthier.

Mariposas Holistic Healing is a business offering healing services, workshops, and programs to others stuck in their current life. I have always lived a life of service, volunteering and working in the helping field, which made crisis and trauma work comfortable for me. I have always had the heart of a gypsy so embracing and learning techniques in traditional and natural medicine has been practical for my lifestyle. Mariposas HH has evolved from a deep sadness and loss into a transformative business of healing and support. Since I began Mariposas, I have been integrating my years of formal education with natural and intuitive healing techniques to assist people on their healing journey and release stress.

I work with heart-centered individuals to help them find comfort and relief from their health struggles with compassion and support. The benefits of natural and holistic living truly have enhanced my life as I have been able to heal myself using the 7 main chakras as my guide to understanding. I have been building my practice remotely and in person offering natural healing solutions to people who feel they are unbalanced and unsure what to do in their life, a place I have experienced in the past as well.

I envision Mariposas growing as an online and in person community of heart-centered individuals such as yourself and others in the United States and Latin America. This path is providing me the opportunity to combine my passions of service, traveling, and community empowerment. Through education through my writings, services and programs I hope to inspire you in releasing your bonds then embrace your happiness and health. Through manifestation and trusting in the process of how the universe supports me in all that I do, I maintain a positive vibration that positively influences my life and those around me.

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