What can I expect at my session?

I begin each session checking in to understand what issues you would like to address first before moving forward with a particular technique. This applies in person and remotely. After the session we will discuss the experiences both of us felt. I may then offer a couple of recommendations depending on the situation. You will then receive the session notes with recommendations within 48 hours.


In Person

What is the best way to schedule my first appointment?
The best way to schedule a session is through our online scheduler which will be sent to you after our healthy check-in and payment arrangements.

What should I wear?
The purpose of energy work is to release energy, therefore it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Wear loose fitting clothes such as sweatpants and a t-shirt. Limit jewelry use if possible.

What is a session like?
Will remain fully clothed with your shoes off and a light blanket covering you on a massage table. I will use my hands on or hovers over your different energy centers known as chakras. Energy will flow through your body to heal and release stress which you may feel the release through your hands or feet as shoots of electricity, slight jerking, or warmth on various parts of your body.



What options are available?
Phone, skype, Facetime or Google chat.

How does this work at a distance or remotely?
While certain techniques and modalities, such as the Butterfly Reading, crystal, and aroma therapy require you to be within physical proximity, the majority of sessions take place remotely around the world.

What should I do?
Ensure you are in a quiet and comfortable space and know you will not be interrupted or heard by others. Have a glass of water or cup of tea to drink throughout the session. If possible wear a headset so you can relax your whole body.