Paty is one of the most skilled healers that I have ever known…she has taken pain away from me that went almost unphased for over 10 years…her knowledge about how energy works within my body helped me to better understand how I can maintain what she has freed me from…the thoroughness of healing the mental, physical,  and spiritual aspects of my wellness gave me added power and clarity in my life…  I have been both healed and blessed by her sharing her gifts with me. – Allen

“Paty is a very kind and patient person. She was able to help me recognize and release some inner conflict that I wasn’t even aware of. The session had many great moments where I really was able to see and feel things happening. Looking forward to working with her some more to continue my healing process.” – Inga



“Paty is amazing!!! I have taken Reiki 1 with her and have done energy sessions. Her extensive knowledge of color therapy, stress counseling and reiki take healing to the next level. Her positive energy and bright spirit renew me with each visit. I recommend her services to everyone I meet. ” – Jen B.



“Paty is a gifted healer. Her guidance and energy will help anyone relax and feel realigned. I highly recommend her services!” – Laura M.


“My first full Reiki session with Paty was amazing. I look forward to being a steady client. I felt comfortable and secure in sharing my physical, mental and spiritual issues. Her own openness and knowing the right rich question to ask gave me confidence in sharing and allowed me to be able to be fully present to the Reiki experience. Paty has given me an alternative way to deal with my aging body with confidence, wisdom, and grace. She is wise beyond her years and very competent in her choice of professions. I say professions; for she makes excellent connections in her holistic (wholistic) approach and is present to you in a way you know she has your best interests at heart and hand.” – Joan


“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take this course. Sharing an afternoon with people who share our beliefs and who want to improve one or more aspects of their lives is extremely gratifying. I look forward to continuing this journey that has brought so much hope and wellbeing into my life.” – Carolina


“Thank you, thank you for the person you are, for all that you do, and mostly, for being present both in spirit and in person as I continue on this journey of self-realization, commitment, growth and learning. For I now know that I could not have done this on my own. Words may never be enough or this lifetime to express how deeply thankful and grateful I am to have you in my life.” – Zugey

“When I began my work with Paty, I was both excited and nervous. I did not know what to expect, nor did I understand how her energy readings would benefit me. It did not take long for me to feel comfortable, seen, and empowered. She has provided immense insight into my life, and this has radically healed my relationship to myself and others. I cannot recommend her enough. Her work has transformed my life. I am inexpressibly grateful.” – Debbie

“Patricia is a very intuitive healer and through Reiki has helped me to release negative energy and beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me stuck. Her holistic approach has helped me to realize how I’ve been holding on to energy that no longer serves me and that there’s tremendous relief in just letting go. I highly recommend her services.” – Noelia

“It was my first time having a Chakra Healing and Reiki experience.  From the moment I met with Patricia, she listened attentively and was naturally intuitive to my needs. I didn’t know what to expect, but she made sure I was comfortable. She thoroughly explained all the chakras and how it applies to my lifestyle and current situations. During the process she would go around feeling my energy and at times gently placed crystals on me. The overall experience was a pleasant one. I was relaxed, open and calm even days after the visit. Patricia also took the time to recap our session and send me the notes which helped me set my goals for the new year. I highly recommend Patricia. She is a delightful person with an amazing gift.” – Mar

“I met Patricia and few days ago and she’s such a positive and wonderful person. She helped me realized now goals and gave me the tools to help me reach them. I think she rubbed her positive energy on me because since I met her I feel wonderful. I would highly recommend her services.” – Amy