Free Resources 

I love to give away resources that are practical and beneficial. These free gifts are created with the intention to support you along your healing journey. They are free in a monetary sense yet rich with value and support.


Stress occurs when your body reacts quickly to a surprise, regardless if it’s positive or negative. By allowing your body to relax it releases the stress. However, when stress accumulates because you don’t take the time to relax then it can lead to mental or physical health issues.


These resources (consistently updated) will assist you and empower you to take time for yourself and relax your body so you can reduce stress.


The Seven Systems of Full-Spectrum HealthGet it here

Here’s a chart from my Food and Spirit Certification that identifies what colors impact different aspects of your body.


Minute Guided Meditation, Click here

Take a moment to close your eyes and relax your body as you listen to this guided meditation.


Emotional Aspects, Get it here

The 7 main chakras offer a guide of what our bodies could be saying to us when we feel imbalanced. This one page handout identifies the common positive and negative aspects of the chakras.


Affirmations for each ChakraGet it here

Affirmations are positive statements or intentions of what we would like more of. Read each one out loud and choose the one affirmation that you are currently struggling with.


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