Business coach helping Health Coach


A few moments ago I took a monstrous step towards creating a successful business, I hired a business coach. For so long I have been hesitating because I said I didn’t have the money, I could do it myself, and other excuses. Yet, as I look around my home office and numerous notes I realize I am not moving forward in any one direction. I need help.

I listened to a webinar today by a successful business coach and she offered an amazing deal which I immediately took. I have learned, especially as a coach, that asking for help and being held accountable is the key to really move forward in life.

I want to be successful and I want to offer my current and future clients amazing transformational programs. I want to be location independent so I can pursue my love of traveling and teaching whether in the United States or Latin America.

It’s an investment that I am willing to pursue and the timing was just right. I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Oregon and I realized hat in order to move forward I need to invest in myself and change what is not working. I’m going to continue climbing the wheel of life which offers so many opportunities and embrace the wonderful world of transformation and self-healing.¬†DSC04978

I’m thankful to share my healing journey with you and hope you continue your journey in this world. I would love to hear about any recent investments you have made in your life in order to improve your current status. Please share in the comments below or email me at

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