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Hola, I’m Paty Hernandez, La Mariposa

Master Stress Release Counselor and Energy Healer for a balanced happy and healthy life

Mariposas Holistic Healing Mission:

Empower heart-centered professionals experiencing stress and overwhelm through an integrated holistic healing system of transformational programs, support, and self-care resources so they can continue to manifest their highest potential towards a happy and healthy balanced life as they continue to be of service for the greater good.

Are you...

  • Feeling stuck in life and unmotivated?
  • Managing your time so you find a healthy balance between work and play?
  • Anxious and overwhelmed with daily activities in life?
  • Struggling with chronic health or mental health concerns?
  • Feeling stressed and burnt out?
  • Interested in learning self-care techniques that are easy and practical to use everyday?
  • Ready to create and accomplish lifestyles goals?


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